How to fix the problem : Cannot copy files between Windows computer and Android Phone

Troubleshooting for MTP

If you are facing the problem to use phone storage on Windows computer, this article may help you.

Why it happens?  To use phone storage on Windows as a flash disk, you will need MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) driver, it allow Windows recognize and connect your phone's internal storage. In most cases, the problem is caused by MTP driver missing or using incorrect driver.

Step by step to fix it:

1.  Make sure you have MTP driver installed.

Once you have connected phone to Windows computer and set "File Transfer" on from your Android phone, there should be a new deivce discovered by Windows . You will see "Unknow device" or "MTP device" but with exclamation mark if MTP driver is missing or wrong.

2. Install or reinstall MTP driver.

MTP driver can be download from Microsoft website:

3. If still problem after MTP driver installed?

it may caused by wrong driver, sometimes Windows has serveral version of MTP  and it may load wrong one for your phone.

You can manually change it to correct one :

Double click the Device with exclamation mark, open device properties window, and go to Tab "Driver“

Click ”Update Driver“ button, and select " Browse my computer for driver software"

Click "Let me pick from a list ..."

Select 1 driver from "compatible hadrware"  , then click "Next" button.

If this one not work, then come back here again and pick another driver to try.

If you are using Mac computer and want to connect Android phone:

we will update this part later :-) ...